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The future of work is here. But are you ready?

The high cost of underestimating people

Studies show that employee

disengagement cost US employers

$1.6 trillion in 2019.

*Forbes and Statista, 2020

Understand people.

The foundation of effective workforce development and deployment is deep employee insight. We help people engage with changing work demands and talent needs.

We take a people first approach

that works.

Increase agility.

Anthill is the first-of-its-kind workforce development engine that is tailor-made for the new, increasingly remote and dispersed world of work. Our product is designed to fit work that happens wherever people work.

Drive change.

Drive lasting change through personalized development aligned with key workforce needs. Anthill combines insight with action in an ongoing process that drives the change that the people and organization need most.

Our Product

Engaging Employee Experience

Don’t just measure engagement, drive it. Our technology takes people on a self-led development journey with their personal coach that is evidence-based, personalized, and fun.

Self Insight - Meet people where they are


Pathways - Personalized work project matching


Nudges - Power the most important change


Growth - Unlock potential over time


Engagement - Drive deep, lasting engagement

Powerful Enterprise Technology 

The future of work is here and workforce agility is critical. People are more than their job descriptions. Anthill enables organizations to deploy internal talent to meet changing talent needs.

People Science - Proven methods of employee development


The Future of Work - A platform for changing business demands


Machine Learning - Deep, actionable employee intelligence


What does this mean for you?

When we shift 10/1000 employees into higher impact roles
the company has already covered the cost of Anthill.
When we make your
workforce just
15% more engaged
we have made the company 21% more profitable.
When we make just
1 employee an internally promoted executive
we have saved
the company

Case Study: $12 per employee - 1000 employees

People are more than their job description. 
Knowing them means radically unleashing their potential.

The Team Behind Anthill

A future of work company founded by people scientists who want people and organizations to thrive in the changing world of work. 

Build your Anthill.

We make workforce development personal, actionable, and fun.​


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