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Trust Me: How To Strengthen Confidence In The Workplace

Trust Me: How To Strengthen Confidence In The Workplace

Trust is the only way we can grow. See the top three tips to build and foster trust in the workplace.

The Anthill team is committed to unleashing the full potential of people within world-changing companies. Learn more from our people scientists.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Anthill?

Anthill is the first-of-its-kind talent mapping software to make your talent goals possible. Talent mapping is a way to take all of the workforce insights an organization needs and put them into one cohesive, easy-to-understand visual. Employee skills, attitudes, development pathways, and more—all in one place. But the talent map is more than just a pretty picture. Talent mapping can help your organization quickly see and drive the most important change to keep your workforce happy, successful, and adaptive. The talent map is the central nervous system of workforce development. Employees drive the insights within the talent map and the talent map is then a tool to drive the most important guidance back to employees.

How is Anthill different?

No other HR software out there has been able to build out a talent map like Anthill’s to see important talent information all in one place. You would likely need to implement multiple platforms to see all that Anthill can provide thanks to our years of historical data and mapping implemented in our system.

Why are we the best team to do this?

Anthill's founders, Muriel Clauson (CEO) and Young Jae Kim (CTO), met while pursuing PhDs in industrial-organizational psychology. Both have worked extensively shaping future of work strategies for large corporations and governments worldwide. Repeatedly, companies would come to them with the same challenge—talent management was too scattered across many software platforms or departments and wasn't giving them the agility they needed to make strategic people decisions in a rapidly changing world of work. Anthill combines our founders' desire to see companies and individuals succeed in a changing world of work with their extensive expertise in people science and data-driven technologies.

How does Anthill work?

Team Anthill works closely with your company’s stakeholders to learn what you’d like to change and adapt within your organization. You’ll receive feedback directly from your employees once they sign up for Anthill and answer just 1-3 questions daily on our app or SMS texting platform. Through this ongoing process (instead of a long, one-time survey),  you’ll see constantly updating information about what your employees want and need to thrive on your Anthill reporting dashboard.

How does Anthill work for employee users?

Anthill acts as a deskless personal coach for your employees and provides insights for your team to improve the working experience, employees’ wellbeing, development and internal career opportunities. Our easy-to-use app or texting platform allows employees to answer just 1-3 questions per day to learn more about their personalities, skill sets, development and career opportunities.

Who sees what kind of information on the Anthill reporting dashboard?

Your team can deep-dive into the personas, skill sets and feedback of your employees on the Anthill reporting dashboard. The data provided makes it easy for you to make decisions focused on internal mobility, reskilling and development, and engagement and retention. We believe that happy employees lead to thriving workplaces!

How do I implement Anthill?

Team Anthill will meet with your team to decide on which goals we will focus on together and how many employees you’d like to onboard to the program. From there, your team will send out marketing collateral provided to start onboarding your employees. We’ll check in regularly with our findings, which you’ll also be able to see on your reporting dashboard. Together, we’ll see the growth and opportunity we make together.

Requesting a demo and pricing

To request further information about Anthill, including a product demo and pricing, please submit your information here.

Who to contact for support

You can reach the Anthill support team at, or reach out to us through our app or by our SMS texting platform.


What is Anthill?

Anthill is a talent mapping platform that acts as a deskless personal coach for you and provides insights for your employer to improve your working experience, wellbeing, development and internal career opportunities. Our easy-to-use app or texting platform allows you to answer just 1-3 questions per day to learn more about your personality, skill sets, development and career opportunities. We’re not just for executives—Anthill is here for all team members to learn and grow!

How does it work?

We make it as easy for you as we can. Simply sign up with the link provided by your team’s supervisor, answer a few onboarding questions, and gain insights about yourself each day in a matter of minutes!

What’s in it for me?

The years of historical data in our database make it easy for us to draw relationships and conclusions between the answers you provide and suggestions for how you can improve your career opportunities. This isn’t a long, one-time survey with fear your answers will be used against you—this is an ongoing relationship. We’re in this together! You can answer without the worry you will receive any negative consequences as your insights are kept confidential from your employer. They’ll receive overall insights to make better decisions and changes for your team.

How do I sign up?

The Anthill team has provided your team’s supervisor with emails, texts and physical flyers with the specific link to sign up for your team’s Anthill. Once you receive that information, you can sign up right away! There will be just a few onboarding questions to help get you started and build your profile.

What do I need to do for my Anthill account?

After you sign up and set up your profile, you’ll simply answer only 1-3 questions per day. These can be answered on our app or our SMS texting platform, whichever method you prefer. The questions will be open-ended or multiple choice. We’ll give you feedback with each answer!

Is Anthill safe? How is my information kept private?

Anthill is as safe as we possibly can be for you! Your information is kept completely private in our system from your employer, so you can answer freely and without fear of negative consequences.

What do I do if I have any questions for Anthill or my employer?

You can always reach out to Team Anthill through our app or SMS texting platform with any questions you may have; you also may email our support team at Any additional questions about Anthill can be directed to your supervisor.

Who can I contact for support?

You can reach the Anthill support team at, or reach out to us through our app or by our SMS texting platform.

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